About Michael Frizzell

Who is Michael Frizzell?

First off, I'm a photographer in the Missouri Ozarks. I enjoy street, portrait, and architectural photography. I shoot both film and digital but film is my first and true love.

I spent a long time hiding from the word photographer. I'm not a professional, I don't get paid to take pictures. I'm an amateur; I pick up a camera and shoot because I love creating photographs. It's the one way I can create and express myself artistically. I had always assumed you had to be a professional in order to call yourself a photographer, but actually all you need to do is make photographs.

That being said, I do from time to time shoot portraits or sell my work. If you're interested in buying a print --or better yet, a print trade-- or having me make a portrait with you, please let me know. My email address is mike@mikefrizzell.com.


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I use Flickr as more of an archive for my work rather than a social network. You can see most of my analog shots from the past two years, divided into camera, film type, and format albums.