On Walnut Street


One of the long-term projects I have for my photography is to thoroughly document the city I live in, Springfield, Missouri. I’m not originally from the city, or even the state, but I’ve come to love this place over the past sixteen years. I’ve seen it grow from a typical mass consumer city with a crumbling downtown, massive malls, and increasingly distant suburbs to a thriving city with more local businesses, a growing art and music scene, and a thriving inner core. And I want to document it all.

The Seville building, downtown Springfield, Missouri

So I’ve started to walk around certain streets, in all areas of the city, and just take photos. Some of people but mostly buildings, art, and other things that strike my interest. My goal is to have a massive project that shows my love for this place.

Cycling mural, downtown Springfield, Missouri

I don’t have any plans for this project beyond posting on Instagram and on this blog. There won’t be a book or a show –I’m not nearly a good enough photographer for that– just a bunch of photographs of this great city.

Landers Theater/Springfield Little Theater, downtown Springfield, Missouri