Sometimes your vision changes


Almost every time I press the shutter button I have an end photograph in mind. I have a vision for what I want to make and so I choose the composition and settings to best achieve that vision. Sometimes I know how it should be toned, whether it should be black and white, or what aspect ratio I want to use. Other times I don’t have the specifics down, just a general feeling of what I want to create. But each time I have an end in mind.

With the above shot my vision was a high contrast black and white photo with the building in silhouette. It was just a sunset and I liked the way the water and sky contrasted each other and I thought the building, a power plant, would give a good barrier between the choppy water and the serene sky. I could almost see it in my head as I pressed the shutter.

When I brought it into Lightroom I knew that my vision was all wrong. At the scene I was paying so much attention to the texture of the water and the shape of the building that I had completely ignored the colors. I missed the beautiful orange/yellow band of the setting sun and the blues of the sky and water. There was no way this was going to end up as a black and white.

So while I usually have an end in mind when I take the shot that vision can’t be set in stone. Digital photography allows us to change our minds and create something better that our imaginations allow.