St. Patrick's Day Parade Vehicles | Springfield, MO


We just had our annual St. Patrick’s Day parade here in Springfield, Missouri. I usually take a lot of pictures of the parade –it’s a great time for street photography– and this year decided to share all the best vehicles.

In the Midwest, driving a car, tractor, float, or any other kind of vehicle in a parade is a right of passage. When I was a teenager we lived in a village of about 500 people and every year they would have an Indpendence Day parade. My next door neighbor, a 10-year-old girl, loved driving her riding mower in the parade. It was a tradition. Most of the vehicles are a little better than that.

Greene County Sheriff on horseGreen County Sheriff’s deputies on horseback

Greene County Sheriff on horse in B&WGreene County deputy on horseback, this one in black & white.

Cart vendorA cart vendor pulls her wares. The poop emoji hat is a real sign of the times.

Red Chevy El CaminoThis El Camino (a 69?) was probably my favorite car of the day.

Float pulled by a tractorThis is more like traditional parade fare.

Junk carI don’t even know what’s going on with this one.

Jurassic Park truckA Jurassic Park ranger. It was playing the theme song and I kept humming it for the rest of the day.

GiggleBoxes busWhen I got home I immediately went to; they send boxes of stuff to children in hospital.

Classic MustangI edited this so you could only barely make out the driver. I thought he looked menacing that way.

Shriner bikersThe Shriners play a big part in our town, doing great work for children.

Shriner in a little carThe Shriner in a little car –another American parade classic– giving my two-year-old a piece of candy.

Go kart raceThese guys put on a pretty good show. I think I would been happy with just that.

Hot rodIf Guy Fieri was a car.

All of these photos were shot with a Canon 6D and 24-105mm L lens and edited in Lightroom using the VSCOfilm Agfa Vista 100 preset as a starting point or the Like a Look M monochrom preset as a starting point.